Kennebunkport, Maine

We spent yesterday at the beach (Long Sands Beach by the campground) walking the flats and the rocks. I had almost 30,000 steps on my fitbit yesterday so we did lots and lots of waking.

After lunch we rode over to Kennebunkport, Maine to check out the village and see the Bush’s compound on the peninsula. The weather was perfect and so were the views! We walked around the town and all the little shops and then did some sightseeing around the Bush’s estate. The area is beautiful and so secluded on the peninsula. Easy to see why someone would want a summer home there. Today we will visit the town of Portsmouth, NH.

Fourth of July in Maine

We spent the fourth with everyone else…hanging out on the beach.  We rode our bikes to Short Sands Beach to check out where we would watch the fireworks later in the evening  then we headed to the beach to catch some sun!  As you can see it was crowded and we hung with the locals on the rocks as well. Happy Fourth

Continuation of Marginal Way Pictures

Some of these pictures are similar and/or the same as yesterdays pictures. Once they were finally uploaded I just kept them all. The internet and cell service are difficult to use in the area. We ride around in the  jeep while I try to get them uploaded onto the blog. Once they’re in it, I have just left them. These are just pictures from the harbor at Ogunquit and the walk along Marginal Way. The walk is only a little over a mile but it has about 40 memorial benches along the way making it easy to stop and take in the sights. And at every stop…I took a picture. These are some of the most spectacular views and scenery in Maine.  Happy Fourth of July. We are heading to the rocky beach with everyone else in the area!!

Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine

We spent the day today at Marginal Way. It’s in the artsy resort town of Ogunquit, Maine and the town has lots of quaint little shops, high-end restaurants and four star hotels. This tribute to nature is called the Marginal Way and it’s a mile-long pathway that extends from its entrance at downtown Ogunquit’s main street to the exit at the docks of Perkins Cove, a small community bordering Ogunquit. The pictures I’ve taken are very similar but each step made me want to take one more picture of the seaside grandeur that we saw today. The path hugs the rocky edge of a small cliff and the pictures below show many views from the path. We had lunch at Barnacle Billy’s so Greg could have a lobster roll for the third day in a row. Their hot dogs aren’t bad either.

It was hard to upload the pictures again today so they’re in two sections. After clicking on and scrolling through the first batch of pictures click on the second.  Hope you enjoy the views from Marginal Way!

Nubble Lighthouse

Today we rode our bikes to the Nubble Lighthouse. We put some miles on our bikes today so tomorrow we should be feeling it! I haven’t had internet so we had to ride around today for quite some time to find enough bars on my phone to upload the pictures for the past 5 posts. The campground has wifi but it’s not good and the cell service in the area isn’t so good either!

Maybe after this post I won’t take so many pictures of the beaches/rocks. I’m getting used to them now so I don’t have to take a picture each time I pass a new area! I included a few more pictures from our cliff walk that didn’t load with the other page. So there are some random shots but I wanted to get them all in.

The lighthouse was pretty and out on an island of rocks. (surprise!!) The sky lift is the only way over although no one lives there now. They are repairing the lighthouse so we could see a few workers scurrying around the island working on the house! Enjoy the pictures…I enjoyed taking them. Enjoy the trip with me by sharing in reading the blog. More adventures tomorrow.

York Harbor’s Cliff Walk

Libby’s Oceanside Campground is only open a few months out of the year and it sells out very quickly. The smaller rigs are able to park on the edge facing the water but campers longer than 35 feet have to park on the inner circle. After my morning walk, I went on the rocks below the campground because the tide was out and I was able to take these pictures. You can tell where the water line is by the color of the rocks.

We rode our bikes to York Harbor Beach and there is a cliff walk put in years ago by the home owners so they could visit one another’s houses on the cliff and have access to the beach. It’s been damaged by storms but we were able to walk all the way around the point. I was still amazed at the people at the beach, on the rocks and in the cold, cold water. All along the walk there are designs made with some of the flat rocks so Greg and I made a design and left the Konney mark on the cliff walk.

The beaches we visited today are similar…lots of rocks when the tide is high and lots of sand when the tide is low. Pretty fascinating. Enjoy the pictures!

Maine’s Beaches

More pictures of Long Sands Beach in York, Maine. I’m fascinated with the rocks and tide changes!!