Heading North to 1,000 Islands, NY

61028A20-F9D9-4173-BA71-FF6BFDC0E341We signed up for an RV Rally 6 months ago when we had the Montana Camper. Most of the campers here are Montana campers but they still allowed us to come with our Coach! We know some of the people from other rallies we have attended over the past year so it has been fun to reconnect with some of them. Tomorrow is the “official” start of the rally so we will learn about the rally events and other sights we can see in the area. We brought our passports so one day will be a trip to Canada for sure!!

We drove over 800 miles in two days to reach 1,000 Islands KOA Campground in New York. We stopped in Hershey, PA for one night and completed the trip the following day. Today we spent the day setting up camp, stocking up with groceries, and learning the lay of the land on the island. The campground is nice but the views are what make it amazing. The island is located in Lake Ontario and there is water and a constant breeze all around! Today the high was only 67 degrees and that was so wonderful after weeks of hot/humid weather at home! The road leading onto the island was a little scary in the Coach especially in the rain. Today it didn’t seem as daunting in the jeep with the sun shinning but it’s still a narrow/one lane road in and out of the campground. The water is so clear you can see the bottom of the lake and there are waves and wind as if we were at the beach! Off the the nightly bonfire and to meet others from the rally. Golfing tomorrow in the cool weather. I’m so excited!!B2062A74-B28F-4843-8CC8-4378B829A65F     Beginning of the road onto the island. The yellow KOA sign is the entrance to the campground. The trees in the distance are the campground.899BB42C-8105-48F6-B22B-EA77FC38B931780A5B51-943F-4ABD-9507-9D88E6419312The rocks at the top of the picture are the sides of the one lane road leading onto the island.BBB39288-E11B-4A51-9D93-F1BF557290F6Another view of the road onto the island. You can see the rocks on the side of the road to hold back the water.10FEB0D3-AFBC-438C-92AE-0F816936DB3A4BB47A02-71E1-4286-9A7D-71E6316E29FBC172A2E3-13CA-4209-9B8A-2D01B2D1A73E


0E9B3E17-E6E4-4C4E-B81B-9F4DDC4A36E3CE3ADE31-8430-41C6-8EA8-0943F56983E69E92313B-BACA-4DD9-8082-387A067B97A3That’s us with a great view of the water and nice breezes off the water.6DA17B91-887A-4D8E-8A2D-1A20D05990FAOur view last night after the rain.


Temperatures for the upcoming week.9A91D741-7B7F-41F0-A6A8-8FCB39D63240Road onto the island. Driving in the rain.6F2B112D-B421-4514-96DC-FEA8782EFA53C6CCEE1D-70FC-41A4-8C82-44AD90B6C0F2View from the bus driving in during a rainstorm. Less scary ride in the jeep and with the sun shining today. 8B1E5CEA-B4C5-41D3-8F75-0D5BAFBAFAD0Road onto the island. One-lane bridge into the KOA campground. The trees in the picture surround the island. Campers are under the trees and in the middle part of the island. The price doubles under the trees at the edge of the island. 80E25DA3-9425-4FF1-94D6-00743F12B998One more view of the road onto the island.


Ariel view of the island.

Myrtle Beach for Memorial Day

Today was a beach day and bike riding day. Every beach is different…but we love them all. The bottom videos are from the campground. It’s the Myrtle Beach State Park and the prices are pretty low!! The campground is packed with a list of people still trying to get in for the holiday weekend. We stayed here as kids (but I don’t remember it) and it’s still a favorite of children as there are tons riding their bikes around the circles of campers. (There are 6 circles for a total of about 350 campsites. Most are 30 amps which means we can only run one air conditioner at a time but that has worked out just fine as we are gone most of the day.  Here’s hoping for another beautiful day tomorrow!!

Naples, HiltonHead, Myrtle Beach-3 Stops

We’ve traveled in a big circle, making our way back home after Memorial Day. We hit Fort Myers, Naples, Hilton Head, and now Myrtle Beach. Three different beaches…starting with the prettiest of al! The rain has followed us for the past several weeks and now a tropical depression is heading our way before the season even starts!! May is not the month to travel south…next year we must go out west for that month!

We’ve made the most out of each day in spite of the rain. We’ve planned out a few more trips and tried to get out in the sun whenever the skies turned blue and the sun shined. Tomorrow is supposed to be a partly sunny day so we will try and hit the beach for a bit tomorrow.

We are staying at the Myrtle Beach State Park during Memorial Day weekend and Black Biker’s Week so we will probably stay close to the camper for the next several days as traffic is expected to be extreme. We can walk and bike to the beach and will probably spend most of our time here enjoying the beauty of a state park.

Hopefully I’ll have more pictures tomorrow of the campground to give you a better idea of the differences in the various campgrounds we have traveled to in the past weeks. Each one is unique in its own way.

Enjoy the holiday weekend! More tomorrow!!

From Naples to Hilton Head

We spent Sunday in Naples shelling in the rain. We had on our bathing suits and rain slickers and were the only two people on the beach for 6 hours. It was wonderful. We took a break and had lunch in the jeep and then the sky broke a bit and we went right back out to our paradise. We knew this was our last day and we wanted to find as many shells as we could. Shelling isn’t as plentiful as on Sanibel Island but we were able to find two gallon baggies full of shells.

Monday we drove 11.5 hours to Hilton Head and when I say we, I really mean Greg. We had showers off and on and lots of road construction. We arrived after the campground had closed but chose our site and got  everything set up, only to have a knock at the door moments later telling us we had chosen the wrong site. So…we had to pull in the slides and unhook everything and move the bus. Grrrrrrr But finally we were set up  just in time for American Idol.

Today was our first day in Hilton Head and the clouds followed us here. However, we were able to ride our bikes after lunch and enjoy a little sunshine. No shells on the beaches here. Hopefully tomorrow we will have enough sunshine for a trip to the beach. Then on Thursday we head to the Myrtle Beach State Park hopefully ahead of the Memorial Day traffic. See you tomorrow!!

A video of our campsite and surrounding sites.

Naples Beach Day

Today was the first day that we woke up to the sun shining since our journey began a week ago. And what a beautiful day it was!! We spent the afternoon at the beach in Naples shelling and enjoying walking along the beach. We weren’t able to walk onto the pier very far as there was a great deal of damage from Hurricane Irma and the pier was under construction. The storm ripped the hardy plank right off the sides of the building on the pier! There are lots of uprooted trees around the city and lots of blue tarps on rooftops. The damage here was pretty severe last September!

The houses in downtown Naples are absolutely as you will see in the video below. This is truly where the rich and famous live. We rode around in the jeep for a bit and I shot some videos but tomorrow we will ride our bikes around the neighborhoods and hopefully I can get some better shots of the mansions. The landscape around the houses is almost as amazing as the houses themselves. Of course we looked some of them up when we got back to the Coach. Some are 45-50 million dollars! And almost all of the ones we videotaped were on the water making them even more amazing! One even had a grass and paver driveway. That’s what I want in my first mansion!!

We found a waterfront bar to have dinner at last night and enjoy the scenery on the waterway. Lots of beautiful boats and homes for sure. Tonight we eat at home while Coco watches me wash clothes. Now if we could just get the TV reception to work we would be all set. Until tomorrow…enjoy whatever you’re doing…we certainly are!

Beautiful Naples


Left over picture from the Cypress Trail Resort in Fort Myers.


Trying to make the camper our home with pictures of the kiddos on the wall!


This is how the camper looks as we go down the road. The couch has seat belts so two people can sit there. We can access the half bath (where the door is beside the sink) and we can access the refrigerator as well. If needed you could get into the bed, we just couldn’t walk around the foot of the bed. And if a shower was needed we could get out of the bed on the opposite side to use the full bathroom.


My workout room (gym)!!


The current campground in Naples/Marco Island. It’s a tired KOA and there are very few campers here now as the season is over.


Another shot of the campground.


Downtown Naples.


Downtown Naples


Downtown Naples


One of my favorite flowers…the bird of paradise


Standing under an unusual tree.


Bird of Paradise


Just us and the campground…not much else.


Quite a few permanent homes are here but only a handful of actual campers. The season ended in April so we have the place to ourselves!!!

My Happy Place



Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 8.26.36 PM.png

Google Earth view of the same area as above. We walked from the green pin around the lagoon to the wide part of the beach and then down the beach. The tide was too high to go all the way around. Or we could have taken the short cut and gone across the lagoon to the beach.

We spent today at two beaches on Marco Island. Both were beautiful but very different. The beach is my happy place…doesn’t matter which beach in which state…it’s where I want to be. The first beach was South Beach and the second was Tigertail Beach. Tigertail was very unusual. The feature picture above shows how that beach is structured. We walked onto a pathway which is covered in water at high tide and it takes you around the mango trees to the Gulf of Mexico. There we saw the widest beach I have ever seen. I went shelling but didn’t find many shells as it was close to high tide and the best shelling is at low tide. It was still fun and I was able to clock 19,000 steps on my fitbit! We started walking where the little star says “You are here” and walked left along the lagoon pathway until we rounded the corner and ended up on the beach. When it’s low tide some people choose to walk across the lagoon…it’s usually about waste deep then and gets you to the ocean much more quickly. I choose the long road…the one more frequently traveled!!! I’m not much on walking through murky lagoons when I can’t see my feet!!!