Tracks in the “Snow”

We spent yesterday walking along the beach and shopping for a new camper. Just dreaming about a “bus” since there are lots of dealers in the area.

Last night our hose froze and pipes all over the campsite froze. We couldn’t even shower in our camper or use the bathroom at the bathhouse as the water was turned off throughout the campsite. There were 14  pipes burst throughout the campground. The area just isn’t used to weather like they’re experiencing now.

I left my prints in the “snow” along the beach. I keep taking many of the same pictures over and over because I’ve never seen sand so fine and white. It actually looks like it snowed on the beach. Coco isn’t bothered by the cold as she wears her sweater all day and gets to sit with me on the couch when we’re home. Today was the worse day weather wise; the rest of the week will be in the 60’s so maybe now I can work on my tan!! Tonight we go in search of seafood (not for me, I’ll be looking for a burger)! Until tomorrow…enjoy your snow and I’ll enjoy my sand.

Sunset Paradise

Monday warmed up to a balmy 55 degrees, our highest temperature so far. We walked Coco around the campground and I took more pictures similar to the ones from yesterday because I love how white the sand is and how blue/green the water is. The last picture of the evening sunset was especially beautiful!! After lunch we took a ride to Harbor Walk Village about 30 minutes from our campground. It’s located right on the river and gulf and is a fishing marina with restaurants, activities and entertainment…after February when Destin comes alive again. There’s waterfront shopping, paddle board rentals, cruises and live music…again, all in February when warmer weather sets in.  It’s also home to the Destin Fishing Fleet, the largest charter fishing fleet in the country. We walked the docks and checked out the boats and I’m sure there will be lots more activity when we return to the area in April. We returned to the campsite just in time to see a BEAUTIFUL sunset over the ocean. Tuesday we will scope out golf courses for us to play when we return in a few months!!!

Click on the next set of pictures to enlarge them. This post includes two different sets of pictures.

Sugar Sand at Rosemary Beach

Day 2 at Camp Gulf brought warmer weather but it’s still cooler than normal for the area and time of the year. The first picture shows Deer Run Campsite in Troy, Alabama where we spent the first night. The weather there was below freezing and the campground was pretty full with people headed to Florida for the winter. In February we head to Fort Myers which is further south and should be much warmer than our current location. We have a US map on one of the slides of the camper and we were able to add the state of Alabama to our map. (We add the states we camp in or travel through on each trip.) We use the app RV Parky on our phones to locate rest stops and gas stations along our route. It uses GPS to show your current location and then you can drive along the route to search for campgrounds, gas stations, rest stops, etc. so you can plan ahead. A must have for any traveler!!  Once we arrived at Camp Gulf, they determined our camper was too long to fit into the spot we were originally assigned so they parked us for one night there, then we moved the next day to a longer site. For this trip, we are close to the highway, but we’ve already booked a return trip in April and that site is very close to the beach. The pictures below show the front row of campers and they’re actually right on the edge of the beach. Kind of hard to tell where the beach ends and the campground begins. The sugar white sand and blue/green water is prettier than we’re used to at North Carolina beaches for sure!! We took a ride to Rosemary Beach where we had rented a house two years ago. It’s about 15 miles east of Camp Gulf. We passed through Alys Beach on the way and the road (30A) is lined with palm trees making the entrance so beautiful! They say it all happens on 30A (the main highway through the area). We parked and walked around Rosemary Beach to notice the changes that had happened in the past two years. We will return to the area with our bikes if it’s warmer today. It’s resembles a small European village right on the beach!

Our shower head froze on one cold night and split  making the water shoot out down the cracked side. Duct tape is a miracle fix for most things, so Greg taped up the head so that it works (not great, but it works) while we wait for a new one to arrive at the site from Amazon. Yep, Amazon follows us everywhere we travel!!  Today we have warmer weather so we plan on lots of outdoor activities.  More pictures later!

Deer 🦌 Run and Camp Gulf

Friday we began our quest for warmer weather by heading south to Florida to avoid the cold Charlotte weather and threat of snow flurries next week. However, our first leg of the trip took us to Troy, Alabama and they had one of their coldest nights on record for us. The shower head froze and the water hose also froze because the temperature was 26 and the wind chill made it feel even colder. We stayed at a nice campsite called Deer Run.  The area hosts of January temperatures ranging from 57 for the high to 36 for the low. Missed both of those temps by a long shot!! The campsite is basically a huge field with paved, pull through spots which is critical with a camper over 30 feet.  The price was right; one of the cheapest we’ve experienced and they even provide free popcorn and coffee to their guests. The bathhouse was a long walk from our site but other than that, the campground was perfect for quick stays when passing through Troy, Alabama. It’s about an 8 hour drive from Charlotte with the worst part of the drive being passing through Atlanta; especially on a Friday afternoon. The water hose froze overnight, but after heating water and “cooking” the pressure regulator to melt the ice that had frozen inside it, we were able to leave for the second leg of our journey to Destin, Florida. Once in Destin, we found our site, got backed in and spent the rest of the day reading and watching football as the temperature there was also “unusually” cold for this time of the year. Later in the week the temps should be rising. Tomorrow we explore the area to see what Destin, Panama City, and Rosemary Beach have to offer. Until tomorrow, happy camping!

Hilton Head Island Camping

Our trip to Hilton Head Island was brief, but it gave us a chance to visit with friends and enjoy a few more days of warmth. The weather was beautiful for the entire trip and we had no rain, only sunshine and warm, record breaking weather. It was a great get a way for us and we enjoyed decorating the camper, riding our bikes, and the warm sunshine of Florida and Hilton Head. F5BBA648-9C64-40C4-A1E8-013F7A611F2F1E9AF824-8CBC-4511-B146-BF27D31674B1

Lunch restaurant in Bluffton
View of the water from campsite




Coco enjoying the fireplace and tree



Fort Clinch

Wednesday we went bike riding on the trails and saw several deer! So exciting to me!! Then we toured Fort Clinch. They were setting up for an event in the evening so there were no tour guides, we just looked around by ourselves. It was such a cool fort, with underground tunnels and areas set up everywhere where they could shoot guns.  The fort housed 500 soldiers and commanders. There was a moat around the front and the ocean was on the back of the fort.  They’ve done a great job of keeping the authenticity of the fort and it was pretty exciting seeing how they were able to build such an elaborate fort and buildings years ago. Tomorrow we go to Hilton Head for a few days.

Ho Ho Ho

We spent the afternoon getting the lights ready so we could make our Christmas card. Since getting married in 2016, we haven’t done a Christmas card so we thought we would make one this year with our camper. We are at Fort Glinch campground and so many campers have lights just like ours. Lights in the trees, wreaths, etc. But we are the only ones who brought Santa!!!!  Cards are ordered and all is completed with the decorations. Then we have to take it all down Thursday and secure things so we can put them back up in Hilton Head for the remainder of the trip.  Happy Holidays!! Merry Christmas